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Spectrum is a puzzle-based adventure game designed around the concept of synesthesia, a unique ability in which the five senses - touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound - overlap. For Timothy, a young synesthete and the main character of Spectrum, sight and sound are intimately mixed. Timothy hears music as color, a skill that allows him to solve intricate puzzles, help the musicians he encounters during his adventures, and bring color back to his gray world.



"She played Mozart in blue...  


Blue Flat Major." 


So begins the story of Timothy Bremont, a young boy who has always enjoyed his particular type of synesthesia– the mixing of sound and color. Surrounded by music since childhood, Timothy has spent years listening to performances in his parents’ renowned concert hall, the Spectrum Theater. However, when Timothy’s mother, a talented pianist, falls ill and dies, Timothy’s father ceases to compose and begins to neglect the concert hall. As the music in his life lessens and eventually stops, all the color Timothy once experienced drains away, leaving the world dull and gray, while the Spectrum slowly falls into disrepair.

One day, as Timothy sadly watches the gray world outside his window, he notices a splash of color. A bird rests on a nearby branch, singing a gentle melody that Timothy perceives in faint shades of blue, green, and red. When the bird flies off, Timothy eagerly follows and is led to an old playbill of his mother and father. A slight glimmer of color flickers along the edge of the playbill. Suddenly inspired, Timothy decides to fill the Spectrum once again with his parents’ music.


As Timothy sets out on his journey, he explores a multitude of locations within the city, including the Sunset Hotel, Azure's Aquarium, and the Greenwood Forest. Each area contains one or more musicians with their own problems and dilemmas Timothy must solve in order to continue. In return for his efforts, the musicians steadily join Timothy on his journey to once more fill the world with music, color, and joy.

Art and Music

Spectrum is a striking visual representation of sound and sight, with artwork that flawlessly interacts with the delightful, original music scored for the game. 

Together the music and animation of the game grow and change, livening in tandem as Timothy clears areas of the city and is rewarded with color and music by the musicians he rescues. Beautifully alive with harmonies and chromaticism, Timothy's adventure leads him from shadows of color and whispers of music to a fully orchestrated finale, as he revives the full spectrum of color and sound to his world.


The game is set in a semi open-world town which the player can explore at will.  But similar to "metroidvania" style games, not every area will be open to begin with.  The game will be split into three parts (referred to as "movements") in order to ease the burden of development for our small studio. Within each movement, there will be two to three areas with their own puzzles that can be explored independently.


Note that Spectrum will not be a point-and-click style game, nor will it be similar to Professor Layton where the puzzles are separate from the exploration.  We intend to meld the gameplay and puzzles together with a handful of synesthesia-based mechanics. Because the game is so early in its development at this time, we cannot give specifics as we flesh out the mechanics.  However, you can check the Dev Blog for updates and more info regarding our gameplay as we progress.


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