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Awesome Time at Maker Faire!

So, about a week has passed from Maker Faire, and I'd say I finally recovered from the craziness of waking up so early and talking for 8 hours a day for over three days (I ended up getting a little sick, even from lack of sleep and everything else). Maker Faire was wonderful, and I met some wonderful people.

Going forward, I'll be getting right back to work with Spectrum. I would say the demo is about 40-50 hours worth of work out. But through school and life, that should take me a couple of weeks. We're looking at a relase for the demo by the end of October. So stay tuned for that!

In the mean time, I'll be writing these short blog posts keeping things updated, as I'll be working on the game. It's a lot of stuff ahead of me, but as long as I can stay on top of things, we should be progressing smoothly.

Hope to have great news in the coming weeks! :D


Rienzi G

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