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First Real Post + Demo Weekend!

Hey all!

So I have to apologize to anyone who's been trying to follow the developments of the game these past couple months. After our kickstarter ended in April, I ended up having to focus on school. And then since, over the summer, I was hoping on focusing on the game primarily.

But, as often happens to be the case, life ended up getting in the way, and there were a lot of things that continually came up. So, unfortunately, I wasn't as productive over the summer as I had hoped.

But despite this, I was still working away, slowly making progress on the game, and we've gotten a lot of the ideas fleshed out. Not what's left is coding up the mechanics, testing out a number of puzzles, and then finally making the demo.

So that's our plan for the next month. School has started once again, but we've gotten our rhythem, and we plan on working as much as we can on the game, moving it forward a little bit every day. It might take a while, but we'll be moving. So that's our plan!

In order to make things a little more open for everyone, I've decided to start writing weekly updates every week or so explaining our progress and how close we are to finishing the demo for the game. I'll be posting little tidbits of art that we'll be using in the game, small updates on the design, and basically anything we're able to share with the public without giving out too many details.

So definitely stay tuned for updates going forward!

Next on our order of business is that we're actually going to be sharing hte game some more with the world. This weekend we'll be all over the NYC area with new stickers, posters, and such, showing off the game ideas.

Friday we're at the NYC Media Summit at NYU and will be showing off the game there!

And then Saturday and Sunday we'll be at Maker Faire doing the same thing! It's going to be a really long weekend, but hopefully we'll get a good amount of exposure, and do some good work for the game.

So yeah, that's just about it. Expect a post after this weekend with a recap and everything we hope for.

'till next time!

- NZ Gokea

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