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Keep Moving Forward!

Hey all!

So it's been about two weeks since the last post, and I just wanted to do a quick update on how it's been going.

Long story short, we had a great meeting with the team last weekend, where we hashed out a couple of good ideas for puzzles for the demo. But then, after that, It ended up becoming a very difficult week for me school-wise, and I wasn't able to make much progress. The short of it is, it's very difficult to ballance school and working on Spectrum, but I'm trying my best.

We are making progress on the art front, though! Our backgrounds are coming along nicely, and so are some of our character animations! I'm giving a little sneak-preview of the animation for Timothy running forwards and backwards.

We should be done with most of the preliminary coding by the end of this week, and then all that's left is doing up the puzzles and layering the art on top. I'm moving the game along as much as I can. And, though it's slow, we are moving forward on the game.

Stay tuned for an art update this weekend!

- Rienzi G

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